Proposal crunch

In flag football, if you fail to catch a forward pass, it is no big deal. Your team might have to punt. If you miss a foul shot in basketball, no one dies. When at the pool, failure isn’t an option. To fail while swimming across the deep end of the pool is not the same. If failure looms large for oneself, or even a friend, while at a pond, lake, river, or in the ocean at a beach – experiences at Swim & Water Polo from Summer Dreamers can be priceless. Swimming is a lifelong skills and there will be times in the days, weeks, seasons and years to come – when swimming ability counts greatly.

Heavy or Not?

This Old Film Might Have Predicted The Future…This old film called “My dinner with andre” (1981) predicted the current state of the world way before its time…

Posted by The Mind Unleashed on Wednesday, August 12, 2015