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Three time champion: Catherine’s story rocks at The Moth’s Grandslam

There was a tie in the points served by the judges in the audience, but the winner was named. Catherine won for the third time in Pittsburgh.

heads of Catherine and Mark

Catherine Palmer, award winning story teller, and husband, Mark Rauterkus, after the show in Pittsburgh in October 2017.

scores with names and order of speakers

Catherine wins. The scores and the order of the ten speakers.

Bishop Zubik and Catherine at the gala for The DePaul School of Speech and Hearing

Bishop and Catherine

Bishop Zubek and Catherine at the gala for DePaul School of Speech and Hearing.

To be honest, the meetings that were shared in the story that happened in City Hall and in Church after mass were with Pittsburgh’s former Bishop, Bishop Wuerl. This photo, taken a few years later at a special event for DePaul School show Bishop Z and Catherine. Both served as board members for the school.