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Heavy or Not?

This Old Film Might Have Predicted The Future…This old film called “My dinner with andre” (1981) predicted the current state of the world way before its time…

Posted by The Mind Unleashed on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rock the House Medic

My cousin, Rock Rauterkus, has a business, and recently he helped me with a few things around our old, South Side home and office. Give him a call. He left his card:

Rock Rauterkus, Handyman Services & Much More. No Job too small. Licensed and insured.

  • 1304 Steuben Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15220.
  • 412-969-1491
  • hiretherock -at- gmail

National Public Radio’s The Moth featured Catherine’s story

You need to listen to Catherine’s story delivered in Pittsburgh at the South Side Rex Theater a while ago. It played on the podcast and the national radio show.

Future stories from her are expected. Some have already been recorded at other local events. In 2015 she was the “Grand Champion” at the annual event in Pittsburgh were all the prior story winners get to tell a story. This year’s Grand Slam is in a few months and she’ll be there again.

Catherine Palmer telling a story at Pittsburgh's The Moth.

Catherine Palmer telling a story at Pittsburgh’s The Moth.