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To Mayor Peduto and Chief of Staff Gilman

Video Story: Kick-off Presentation and a call to meet as soon as possible.

A worry and a suggestion for a solution for 200

Lots of doubt flow these days concerning our city, the economy and the health of many people. You've been sending some great messages. I have especially enjoyed seeing Dan Gilman's social media posts concerning the virus. He has been with a clear voice -- reassuring to witness. 

With much to do, a cratering economy, and trying to out-run this virus, lets hope our scientists and health care workers are busting it -- working to the brink. But, lets not overlook the kids.

The city and county's summer jobs program for the youth is certain to take drastic turns. 

Hopefully jobs, experiences and compensations don't evaporate.

In striving for a productive summer for some, my offer to the city is to supervise up to 200 young men and women (100 of each) in a meaningful, fully virtual, 2020 summer jobs program that combines sports, literacy and technology. 

The recent mention of digital divide issues within the city is important. Financial support from city hall could go to addressing many of those needs with PPS students this summer too. But my aim for summer, given my background in recreation, literacy, swimming and the internet -- is less to academics.

Let's use summer 2020 to build a project for the summer of 2021. Let's leverage the youth's creativity to research and design an all-city sports and literacy camp. This year's summer jobs program can have a goal and purpose.

History, Trust, Credibility

My kids went through Pittsburgh Public Schools. PPS could have a role in the summer jobs program. Perhaps a some of the summer jobs money for 2020 could be devote it PPS for ramping up the tech for summer school and academics. But, Citiparks and/or the mayor office would be more ideal.

This call's mention of my kids speaks to my principle of quality programming. The aim for our city's kids must be good enough for my own children. As a Pittsburgh parent, activities not well suited nor of high quality for my own children's participation, isn't worthy of my energy, nor that of the greater community.

Older son, E

Erik and his classmates hosted a candidates' debate at the school auditorium that helped in flipping the switch in the journey to the Mayor's office.

Recently, Erik pulled out of New York City to work remotely as an entrepreneur, raising capital, producing a product.

Younger son, G

Grant, once an un-paid summer intern in city hall, is finishing his final week of undergraduate studies at Tulane in New Orleans.

He didn't get to play with his club water polo team nor swim in open-water races this semester. He was signed up to do a 10k swim in Miami and a 12-and-a-half swim in June off of the Florida Keys. Rather, just home fitness in his NOLA apartment.

Medical school begins in August.

Pittsburgh, a sports town

Sports participation and even going outside has been suspended. Spring sports -- gone. This winter's State Swimming & Diving Championships was called off. I value the Olympics and cheer for the black-and-gold, but my real love is for playing well with others among our kids in our neighborhoods. Let's triple down on what it means to be fit, healthy and to exercise in life-long ways, for fun and personal wellness.

The mind and body balance is important, especially this summer with our teens and young adults. Social support and positive interactions are critical. Parks are for re-creation. But our focus can't be in the physical group play, but in the internal skills from goal-setting and self-talk to yoga and coding Zapier zaps.

All City Sports Camp, 2021

Hamstring Stretch in Homewood with Water Polo Players

Tech Literacy.

The mind leads and the body follows.

We can teach about open source. Let's listen to podcasts, and make our own. Let's read wikipedia and craft our own wiki pages. Kids can code apps and develop websites with WordPress. A sports purpose with our athletic and high-tech contacts can give great context and interesting assignments. Our job training of lifeguards can resume with blended learning, setting the stage for the future work force. 

Impossible Is Nothing

We can stand with 200 youth in projects in the summer of 2020 with goals and outcomes that makes a difference for 2021.

Let's get the youth working in the knowledge economy!

We're not in a factory town and in a factory time. We need to have fun projects that are with purpose so that the kids want to be engaged and learn. These resources and their application to the kids are in my domain. Sharing a line up of tools and projects and outcomes is possible in further discussions. However, we'd need to see the value of getting our cadre of young adults into the knowledge economy as the new, driving mission. 

Mark Rauterkus = 412-298-3432. 

Bonus section: Check out this podcast


My photo used in COVID-19 news from AP about sports venue in Thailand

This news article from Bangkok hits at home as it used my photo

The role of sports in the COVID-19 outbreak is a discussion point, especially as all our sports competitions have been called off, including PA High School Swimming meet on Thursday, March 12, 2020. Plus, the USA Swimming's executive director has asked for a delay for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But, the games have not yet been called off nor delayed.

Check out the by-line of this photo!

Photo from Mark Rauterkus in Philippine Inquirer

Photo from Mark Rauterkus in Philippine Inquirer from Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, a sports venue in Bangkok, Thailand

AP article from Bangkok that used Photo, part 1


part 2 of article of screen grab

part 2


Of course, that night is a fun memory, as was the entire trip. See buttons for the links to more photos.

Our group in the stands at the boxing venue

We went to the stadium with our Pittsburgh friend, James, and our traveling companions who were Pitt grad students.

Boxer in his corner

Boxer in the red corner. He stands in a big tray. Notice the spit funnel. Lots of praying occurs before, during and after the bouts -- all for good reason. And, many of the fighters are of small stature in height and weight -- but not in speed and power.

Sign outside the stadium

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

Family on a tour

Touring some historical sights.

Four figures

If you can name them and give a clue as to personality and significance, tell all in the comments section below. 

Food samples:

Street food

Street food. Name it?

Snack bar

More food, but for an offering.

Street lamp

Shedding a light on things.

Let’s not re-start the war on drugs with this vape madness

When will politicians learn and avoid their over-reaching?

PA law-maker wants to outlaw flavored vape products. Humm. We're finally getting weed legalized because the "war on drugs" was so wrong on so many levels. Golly.

Don't vape. Don't do drugs. And by all means, don't make new laws that outlaw bad behaviors. Just say "NO" to over-reaching laws and politicians.

Catherine, crushing it at the AAA Conference General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio

Hail To Pitt! 

Catherine Palmer, Ph.D., at AAA meeting in Columbus, Ohio, at the General Assembly

Catherine Palmer, Ph.D., at AAA meeting in Columbus, Ohio, at the General Assembly

Read the message

The text of the address at the general assembly is posted on an audiology blog.

Pitt people at the Pitt social at the AAA Conference

Pitt people at the Pitt social at the AAA Conference

Bonus link: What's for diner?

Have you seen the fun book, Eat Like an Audiologist? Catherine has a bite in that collection.