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Snip from the article:

Age-related hearing loss, the most common variety, happens gradually, said Catherine Palmer, director of audiology and hearing aids at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. “People don’t recognize right away that they have hearing loss at all.”
A test might indicate that your hearing loss is more severe than you realized, which could mean you aren’t a candidate for an over-the-counter hearing aid.
There are free apps that can test your hearing and generate an audiogram, such as Mimi, which I’ve tried. That can be a good starting point for a relative measurement of hearing loss, but the apps can’t diagnose a cause, Dr. Palmer said. Some hearing loss is caused by issues that can be addressed medically rather than with a device, she said.
Learn what to look for. Before over-the-counter hearing aids become available, it’s a good idea to understand your specific hearing needs so you can pick one that suits you. Dr. Palmer said an audiologist can help you determine what to look for, even if what you end up with is an over-the-counter device.
Dr. Palmer said she expects the cost of over-the-counter hearing aids to be several hundred dollars per hearing aid. Whether or not you have professional assistance in picking them out, you should ensure that they can be returned, she added.

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