​​​​Hospital Bed seeks new home. Rescue from Pittsburgh’s South Hills.

This used, working hospital bed and mattress is available, now, for your pick up. Urgent need to give it to a new home. If interested, call or text to Mark, 412-298-3432. My email is Mark -at- Rauterkus -dot- com.

Can control the height of the bed. Plus, lifts up the head / feet too.

Located now at The Devonshire, 1050 McNeilly Road, Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania 15226. The phone there is: (412) 343-2200. But, don’t call them as it was the bed of my relative. If you have a truck, that’s best. There is a loading dock at pick up. I’ll meet you.

Back of remote. Lift whole bed, or just head / feet.

Crank at foot of bed too.

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