NCAA Men’s Hoops Bracket Picks



Hey, I went to Ohio University and Baylor for grad school!

My picks are on the outlandish side. But, I'm being loyal to a fault this year. I attended O.U. as an undergrad and then went to grad school at Baylor. I expected to see those teams playing each other in the first round. But no. A gift. They can't play each other until the championship game -- so that's where I have them matched up. 

Ohio U has to knock off the Zags. Yeah, right! 

Plus, the first game is against Virginia. Perhaps they'll only bring 5 players to the game?

Well, you heard it hear first.

Truth be told, both Ohio U and Baylor U are officially dead to me because of their treatment of their respective Men's Varsity Swim & Dive Programs. Neither OU nor Baylor have men's swimming these days. That sucks. Same too do my picks. Bittersweet to say the least.

If it should come to pass, then....

If Ohio U faces off with Baylor in the Championship game, I think I'll go to Indy and picket in a Speedo in green body paint.

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Mark Rauterkus

Swim, SKWIM and water polo coach in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Also the webmaster for the International Swim Coaches Association and a publisher at,, and a former small-press, Sports Support Syndicate. Former free-market candidate for public office on various occasions, generally as a Libertarian.

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