The Toast, a story by Catherine for The Moth, is going to get airtime soon, again.

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The latest episode, "Dog Mother, Tour Guide, and Milli Vanilli" featuring the story “A Toast” is going out to public radio stations across the United States starting Tuesday, 8/17/2021.

This episode of The Moth airs according to local schedules through Monday, 8/23/2021. You can find local air times here: 

Here's a link to the full episode/your story. This link will go live and be accessible on 8/17:

We will be talking about the stories from this episode on social media next week when they are on the radio and the following week when they move to the podcast.

If you are social-media-inclined please feel free to use these handles in your posts and to share the story far and wide. If you would like us to tag you in our social media posts, you are welcome to send me your handles.

Erik and Grant in Wyoming

Travel might come back too!


The kids are young adults these days. And, sadly, The Moth, is no longer in operation in Pittsburgh, PA, in terms of hosting local events. 


Four of Catherine's stories have been a part of the national podcast from The Moth. However, there are at least eight additional stories from Catherine within the archives of The Moth that have NOT been played on the air nor turned into audio files that can be accessed on the web. It would be GREAT if The Moth would do a deeper dive and share some of the additional stories from Catherine, already in its possession, on future shows or else on its website. Be a squeaky wheel.

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