Let’s not re-start the war on drugs with this vape madness



When will politicians learn and avoid their over-reaching?

PA law-maker wants to outlaw flavored vape products. Humm. We're finally getting weed legalized because the "war on drugs" was so wrong on so many levels. Golly.

Don't vape. Don't do drugs. And by all means, don't make new laws that outlaw bad behaviors. Just say "NO" to over-reaching laws and politicians.

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Swim, SKWIM and water polo coach in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Also the webmaster for the International Swim Coaches Association and a publisher at CLOH.org, 4Rs.org, SKWIM.us and a former small-press, Sports Support Syndicate. Former free-market candidate for public office on various occasions, generally as a Libertarian.

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