Roots, wings N@ of Mark Rauterkus

Coach Mark Rauterkus, sons and Catherine

Senior night for Erik

Grant and Mark walk on beach to open water surf in New Brighton, NZ

Grant and Mark getting set for an open water swim in New Brighton, NZ.

Leo Rauterkus head

Catherine is in the Wall Street Journal – Over the counter hearing aids article
Snip from the article:Age-related hearing loss, the most common variety, happens gradually, said Catherine Palmer, director of audiology and hearing[...]
Excited to start the new varsity swim season today with two new assistant coaches
Ellis teacher and hiring agent, Brianna Kelly gets to meet and interview new coaches.Coach Bri, myself and Robert held a[...]
Flashback and update
Coach and swimmer in front of PAWW meet banner. A bunch of  snapshots made it to the book of faces, and[...]
My new friend — we’re birds of a feather and both enjoy being free, as well as water
We got a selfie with my new friend, Kodiak. Across the street from the Northside Aviary is were we like[...]
The Toast, a story by Catherine for The Moth, is going to get airtime soon, again.
The latest episode, "Dog Mother, Tour Guide, and Milli Vanilli" featuring the story “A Toast” is going out to public[...]
Rehab of the Oliver Bath House on Pittsburgh’s historic South Side
Did yinz all see the new drawing for the remodeling of the Oliver Bath House?They got a grant to fix[...]
NCAA Men’s Hoops Bracket Picks
Hey, I went to Ohio University and Baylor for grad school!My picks are on the outlandish side. But, I'm being[...]
Advice: Don’t try to boil the ocean! Wisdom from the founders of
Lessons from the World's boldest brands covers insights from the founders of July.Sweet article!
A place where girls soar!
Photo for the 2020 Christmas letter was from January on a trip to Hawaii. Catherine gave a keynote. I got[...]
A storm of current events this week, but one thing to do today.
Once upon a time, I was a new coach of a young team with superstar / MVP athletes and our[...]

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