Rehab of the Oliver Bath House on Pittsburgh’s historic South Side

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Indoor pool with 10-meter platform

Did yinz all see the new drawing for the remodeling of the Oliver Bath House?

They got a grant to fix it up N@.

Level 2 is east and west, left and right, bike lanes. Level 3 hooks to the hotel on the one side and the other side has a pub and Pramanti's and bakery / pretzel shop.

That's a 10-meter platform at the deep end, in case you were wondering. Pitt, Duquesne, CMU and Chatham divers will be able to practice there as well as all the local kids. This will be a great place to prep for the Regatta's (energy drink sponsored) Belly Flop event off the bridge at the point this summer.

Since there are no county parks in the city, Allegheny County is going to pay for all on-going upkeep and operations. The rest is easily covered by that new park's tax -- especially when they've tinkered with the rates and very few have noticed.

Another bonus is outside the building, there is a whole underground, 4th river thingie that is a water treatment facility so all the rain-water runoff and sewer overflow gets treated and then it can enter the Mon cleaner than a new pair of Chuck Taylor's white hightops.

All the Charter Schools in the city are going to use the facility for physical education classes and their students are going to be trained as lifeguards, swim instructors and water polo players. Plus, they'll do service hours too, so budgeting staff costs are going to be super easy with the Workforce Investment Funds.

Thanks Joe Biden!

Such visionary recreational leadership from City Hall.

Once this is done, others just like it are expected downtown at Fifth & Forbes, on the east end at the Armory, on the Northside at The Pittsburgh Project and in Sheridan behind Langley on the busway / bikeway.

Brookline, Banksville, Carrick is screwed again. What did you expect? You got a spray park a while back. Go swim at Dormont or KO or South Park.

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The post and photo above appeared on the book of faces. It got some buzz and people talking.
  • The actual location of this facility is noted in the post.

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