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Hi Friends and Neighbors,

Friday Night Lights comes to the Mon Valley this weekend as the City League Champions, Westinghouse Bulldogs, play in the state semi-finals of Class AA against the WPIAL Champs, the Steel Valley Ironmen, at 7 pm December 2, at West Mifflin HS’s stadium.

This Westinghouse team is fun to watch! I have been peeking at them on the South Side from the bridge that overlooks PPS’ Cupples Stadium. It is just a couple blocks away from our home.

Just now, I bought a ticket online, so I can attend the game — and you should think about doing the same and coming along with me. Total $9.51 for 1. Get your ticket(s) at then navigate to store, football, Class AA. No tickets are sold at the gate. You must obtain them online.

Regardless of the outcome, local kids are going to be the big winners!

This is a rare matchups among city and WPIAL athletes at championship levels. Sadly, one side doesn’t generally level up with the other. Not too long ago, one of the athletes I coached, a city school swimmer, won a WPIAL TITLE, but that’s old history. The present day issue to raise is asking why this year’s city swimmers and teams have been removed from the WPIAL experience??? Ugh. But that’s a story for another time.

To me, the #1 stress is ‘playing well with others.’ It is happening here and should be valued, supported, reinforced, modeled and sustained. Plus it is fun and affordable to witness.

Next week one squad gets to play again in Cumberland Valley for a state title. Good luck. Keep making us proud. We are watching. We care. Safe travels.

BTW, I doubt I’ll be traveling for more HS football next week as there are too many school holiday concerts on my agenda.

You’re on your own as to finding out when and where those shows are being staged in your neck of the woods. Get out! Celebrate the kids' productions!


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