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My cousin, Rock Rauterkus, has a business, and recently he helped me with a few things around our old, South Side home and office. Give him a call. He left his card:

Rock Rauterkus, Handyman Services & Much More. No Job too small. Licensed and insured.

  • 1304 Steuben Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15220.
  • 412-969-1491
  • hiretherock -at- gmail

National Public Radio’s The Moth featured Catherine’s story

You need to listen to Catherine’s story delivered in Pittsburgh at the South Side Rex Theater a while ago. It played on the podcast and the national radio show.

Future stories from her are expected. Some have already been recorded at other local events. In 2015 she was the “Grand Champion” at the annual event in Pittsburgh were all the prior story winners get to tell a story. This year’s Grand Slam is in a few months and she’ll be there again.

Catherine Palmer telling a story at Pittsburgh's The Moth.
Catherine Palmer telling a story at Pittsburgh’s The Moth.

What inspires? A list of projects with impact from a Teach Mozilla crew.

Great list of organizations and projects that are doing wonderful work in tech today.

In the future, I think can get into these conversations with our efforts for Creating Literate Olympians Here.

* <>*
These are projects and organizations that inspire us right now, as
generated by you in Tuesday’s Mozilla Learning community call

The links are a great way to step back and think big about the impact we
want to have with our own leadership and advocacy work.

We also got some great feedback on our draft Impact statements and
milestones, which the working groups will refine and update in time for the
next call on Sep 8.

More on that soon — but in the mean time… have a look. And please add to
the list.


*Mozilla Learning calls:*
*Notes from the last one: *
*Video recording: *

Who inspires you?

– *Free Code Camp <> *— learn to code by
helping non-profit organizations *(Amira)*
– *18F* <> — kicking ass when it comes to bringing
open source to government *(Kaitlin)*
– *The Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies
<>* — cool network and community of practice
for 15,000 people teaching in refugee camps and other emergency settings
around the world *(Surman)*
– *The Engine Room* <>— small and scrappy,
but doing amazing work with teaching open tools for social change
– *GDS <>* — because they somehow manage to work
like MoFo, even though they are part of Government *(Adam)*
– *Keyboardio <>* — open source mechanical
keyboard with a wonderful backlight, shipped with a screwdriver so that you
can tinker around and reprogram. * (Shreyas

– *Born Accessible
<>* — thinking
about web content as “born accessible.”*(Emma)*
– *WikiSpeed <>* — a non-profit that’s building
open source, energy-efficient cars in 17 countries,  with no org chart or
management structure *(@OpenMatt)*
– *NESTA* <> — engaged in some interesting
thought leadership that relates well to our work *(Sam)*

– *Ocean Cleanup
*— addressing “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” with business /
philanthropy / sponsorship / science / data / youth vision all coming
together to stem it *(Rebecca)*
– *Conservation International*
<>— I’m digging their
current campaign: “Nature doesn’t need people, people need nature”
– *Mercy for Animals <>* — they take a
big, often controversial topic and make it approachable — and they have a
massive, engaged volunteer force *(Lindsey)*
– *Truth and Reconciliation Commission Canada
<> **(Simona)*
– *Generation Squeeze <>* — taking on the
impossible task of advocating for worklife balance, childcare and
affordable housing on a living wage *(ErikaD)*

– *NYT documentary of bieber + skrillex + diplo
–  Love the focus on storytelling and combo of graphics / animation.
– *model view culture* <>— cranky and
continuous analytic deconstructions of intersections between technology,
inclusion, diversity with anger and no apologies and a paper journal that
arrives on a regular basis. *(@leahatplay)*
– *Colors <>* magazine — open contribution
– *the Unilever rapper campaign
— because it was a long-stale pollution problem that was revitalized with
creativity *(Andrea)*

– *Hollaback*
uses online tools to work with young people and confront street harassment
– *Craigslist <>* — because their
success is based on the assumption that most people are good. *(David)*
– *Dark Mountain
<>* — thinking
through how WebLit does / does not survive in the anthropocene. *(Chad)*
– *NPR* <> – They strike a successful balance between
mass appeal and education. *(Simon)*


The above examples are…

1. *Crisp*. Our group was able to communicate the story for each of
these projects — in their own words, off the top of their head, in a single
sentence. That means the mission is telegraphic, simple and sticky.
2. *Viral*. Each of these organizations has succeeded in creating an
influential, mini-evangelist to spread their story *for* them: you!
3. *Edgy*.  Many of these examples have a bit of punk rock or social
justice grit. They’re not wearing a bow tie.
4. *Diverse.* There’s a broad range of stuff here, not just the usual
tech / ed tech suspects. This is a party you’d want to be at.
5. *Real*. There’s no jargon or planning language in any of the
descriptions people provided — the language is authentic and human, because
no one’s trying too hard. It’s just natural and unscripted.

*Can we get to this same level of natural, edgy crispness for MoFo and our
core strategies?* Would others put *us* on a list like this? Food for

To Long Legged Women

NPR sent an email. A photo is desired. This is the photo that I suggest be sent to go along with the story.

Erik, Grant and I are looking western, as the photo was taken while we were in Wyoming.

Stay tuned.

Good news arrived concerning the Sprout Fund Grant for Digital Badges

Yes. We seem to be able to get the technology for Summer Dreamers as a result of the efforts with the Digital Badges and the Sprout Fund.

I need to clear up two questions, it seems. That’s okay as I asked to meet with them a couple of weeks ago anyway.

Go check out the other site,

The photo above was from the practice at the Thelma Lovette YMCA on Friday night.



This new site might come alive in the weeks to come. Until then, visit these links:

Call with questions to my cell: 412-298-3432.


Mark Rauterkus, swim, water polo and golf coach, community advocate, libertarian, father, husband and retired publisher, lives in
Pittsburgh, PA, USA in the South Side in an old building once a shoe-makers shop at  108 South 12th Street, 15203-1226.

Hamstring Stretch in Homewood with Water Polo Players
Hamstring Stretch in Homewood with Water Polo Players