Leo Rauterkus head
Audrey Rauterkus

Roots, wings N@ of Mark Rauterkus

Coach Mark Rauterkus, sons and Catherine

Senior night for Erik

Grant and Mark walk on beach to open water surf in New Brighton, NZ

Grant and Mark getting set for an open water swim in New Brighton, NZ.

Obit for Audrey Rauterkus
My Mom's Memory Video and Obit: Audrey McElligott RauterkusAudrey, age 89, passed peacefully with her family at her side while[...]
Roland is missed by many.
Catherine and Elaine in the front row, left and right, follow along with the dance leader, Roland. May he rest[...]
Going to speak on Saturday to fellow PA high school coaches
Saturday, April 15, 2023, can you get over to the Pennsylvania High School Coaches Annual Conference?It starts about 7:45 am[...]
May 19, 2023 — PPS holds Take A FATHER To School Day, again!
Pittsburgh's Take A Father To School Day, May 19, 2023
In 2 days, come along with me as I transition from bridge watcher to ticket buyer
Hi Friends and Neighbors,Friday Night Lights comes to the Mon Valley this weekend as the City League Champions, Westinghouse Bulldogs,[...]
Catherine’s story of an evening in Quakertown at the Hostel – The Moth
Catherine's pronouns are more like "she," or "her" and "person," and seldom is it "girl." 
Cardinal visits in snow storm in Dallas
The cardinal's visits has family significance.
Teenie Harris — love it!
Leo Rauterkus, far left, made it into a Teenie Harris photo. This photo shows a few teachers within Pittsburgh Public[...]
Catherine is in the Wall Street Journal – Over the counter hearing aids article
Snip from the article:Age-related hearing loss, the most common variety, happens gradually, said Catherine Palmer, director of audiology and hearing[...]
Excited to start the new varsity swim season today with two new assistant coaches
Ellis teacher and hiring agent, Brianna Kelly gets to meet and interview new coaches.Coach Bri, myself and Robert held a[...]
Flashback and update
Coach and swimmer in front of PAWW meet banner. A bunch of  snapshots made it to the book of faces, and[...]
Soaring! The Ellis School Tour. I coach swimming here.
We're always looking for assistant swim coaches too.

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