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Catherine, crushing it at the AAA Conference General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio

Hail To Pitt! 

Catherine Palmer, Ph.D., at AAA meeting in Columbus, Ohio, at the General Assembly

Catherine Palmer, Ph.D., at AAA meeting in Columbus, Ohio, at the General Assembly

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The text of the address at the general assembly is posted on an audiology blog.

Pitt people at the Pitt social at the AAA Conference

Pitt people at the Pitt social at the AAA Conference

Bonus link: What's for diner?

Have you seen the fun book, Eat Like an Audiologist? Catherine has a bite in that collection.

With the Freeze came great news for summer = a grant for Aquatic Jamborees, playing well with others

As the coldest days arrived, so too came great news of a grant of more than $7K. 

This award will support our efforts of "playing well with others" at community swim pools. SKWIM USA, a nonprofit that helps to promote swimming, fitness, sportsmanship and game-play get the funding to obtain equipment and host Aquatic Jamboree events this summer in Pittsburgh.

With the spending of other people's money come a big splash of responsibility. So, I'm interested in connecting now to prepare to engage with you, your families, your friends neighbors, organizations and even business contacts.

All ages and all swim abilities are welcome as we play SKWIM at Aquatic Jamborees, but we need to rally more political will to participate and venture out of our comfort zones -- for the sake of fun and fitness.

Can we get your team down to the Northside or Hill District to compete? Or, can we bring our game and perhaps a squad to your summer pool?

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Other community news, Catherine is taking the stage to tell a story this Saturday at the UU Church of the South Hills,

The coffee-house proceeds benefit their youth-group trip.

A video of Catherine's story telling from The Moth surfaced. 

Her performance from New Hampshire graced a stage that once featured Mark Twain. (Watch, 12-minutes.)

Stretching to Baltimore this Sunday night, Catherine and Grant both get to share the podium with a former Olympian and WNBA (basketball) star, Tamika Catchings, as they present about HEARING in SPORTS. 

If you are in that vicinity, or a coach any sport and want to better engage with those with hearing issues, check out the ebook, Time Out! I Didn't Hear You.

More at

Hope to see or hear from you soon.

Made the cover of the NISCA Journal with last year’s Obama Varsity Team

412-public-news email blast made mention of the cover

​Generally, I'm not confused as a magazine cover model, but last week was an exception

Hi All,

I got a nice surprise as I was bringing in the mail. Our team photo was on the cover of magazine. Our varsity swim team photo from last season is on the cover of the NISCA Journal -- the magazine of the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association.

Fun. Handsome team too, IMHO.

Friends of sports, especially in Baltimore, there is a special event slated for 6:30 pm on Sunday, Feb 10, 2019, called SILENT SPORT with a former Olympian and WNBA super-star, Tamika Catchings, and her inspiring story of overcoming communication issues. See the top post at my site, for details. My wife, Catherine, and Grant are also sharing the podium too, to feature the gratis ebook, Time Out! I Didn't Hear You, that offers technical insights to help coaches, guardians and advocates get kids with hearing issues into sports programs. More and the download links at

Our masters water polo squad in Pittsburgh is hosting women water polo players from Salem, WV, on Tuesday night, 7:30 to 9 pm at Chartiers Valley HS.

Stay warm and safe in the weeks to come.

Holiday Letter from the Rauterki of Pittsburgh’s South Side

Happy 2019 to our Friends and Family

Catherine, Mark (108 South 12th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203), Erik (Philadelphia, PA), &
Grant (New Orleans, LA)

If you are receiving this letter it means you are either family or friends (or both!). We are lucky to have you in our lives and 2018 was a year of appreciating our many family and friends.

We are thankful to Ed, Lori, Margaret, and Gerrit for opening their home to Mark as he traveled to Napa to kick off the year with a swim coaching presentation. Two additional west-coast visits for aquatics allowed Mark to visit with Steve, Colin and Kevin.

Another magical Memorial Day in Rockport, ME with the Loavenbrucks. So thankful for this family friendship (picture of an impromptu piano concert at the house). And then a Labor Day trip to Rockport, MA for Erik and Catherine.

We are thankful for our trips to Philadelphia to see Erik, to watch Grant play water polo, and a fun visit with the McLaughlins. Photo on the roof of our favorite Philly AirBNB.

Grant lived in Tampa, FL this summer. Thanks so much to Howard and Michelle for opening their home to him (and to his brother for a quick beach visit).

In July, Catherine was thankful for Erik hopping over to Jersey City to visit at a reception (see the beautiful view of Manhattan). In August, we had family time in NY where Erik worked with BCG for the majority of 2018.

On to Connecticut where Grant worked with a faculty member who helped with his data analysis related to his neuroscience major at Tulane, University. Thanks to all the people helping him on his path!

Erik and Erica, thankful for a holiday in Paris!

Erik’s work took him to Dallas several times which meant play time with the Brickner Family.

We are so thankful for all the wonderful cousins!

I thought a lot about friendship this past year as I traveled to Florida each month to spend time with Aunt Debbi who passed away in August. Debbi is pictured here with her friend, Deb, who is one of an army of friends who saw her through the past two years of treatment and finally hospice care. I have never witnessed a more generous, caring, loving group of individuals and it was an honor to get to know many of them. It is impossible to express how thankful I am for their care of Debbi and of me as I made my way through this life event. I wish all of you these types of friendships. They are precious.

Our baby is 21!

Coach, dad and two sons, in swim suits

Coach Mark Rauterkus and his sons, Grant and Erik, swimmers at CAR, the Carlynton Swim Club, 2005



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