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Election day and a flashback to a campaign from 19 years ago

Facebook statements from Mark Rauterkus

Posted on Facebook

Tuesday, June 2, 2020, was a Pennsylvania Primary Election Day. Nineteen years ago, I was on the ballot -- in Pittsburgh running for MAYOR.

My running mate, the guy who won that primary, used to repeat a line, "Pittsburgh has a dirty little secret." He would then go on and talk about the poor race relations in the city.

When it was my turn to speak, I'd flat out disagree. "Naw. Get out! "Dirty," of course. "Little," -- hell no."

We talked a lot, as much as we could, on our soapboxes about race relations in Pittsburgh and how we'd govern differently. Meanwhile, Tom Murphy was in the mayor's office, and I knew we needed to make serious, systemic changes within our city. Called an idealist and quixotic.

I've not seen James Carmine in a long while. What's up?

On election day, the riot police were on our block on the South Side while hundreds marched in protest. They moved from Market Square to the County Jail to the 10th Street Bridge and up Carson, past where we vote, at the Market House. Then the assembly went back across the bridge.

They were making sure that the story of two different cities -- and more like two different lifestyle situations -- are completely visible. No secrets. Not little.

Be safe.

The event was peaceful on the South Side. I didn't hear of any broken windows. Nothing bad. It was moving.

Within the comments:

Mark Rauterkus: ​
Meanwhile, notice that EZ Boy Chair, with upholstery, trash, sitting on the left on the sidewalk? That's funny too. It's "illegal" thanks to the legacy of completely ineffective legislation from the our district's existing City Councilman. Can't put furniture with upholstery on the sidewalk cause the Mountaineers might win big football game, or a riot might seek some kindling.

Oh, and the park, that green patch on the right, without its basketball hoops and swings for the kids, and closed rest rooms too -- is in need of new light stand as the other fell down due to rust a couple of weeks ago when some high winds came. Don't get me started on the parks.

My photo used in COVID-19 news from AP about sports venue in Thailand

This news article from Bangkok hits at home as it used my photo

The role of sports in the COVID-19 outbreak is a discussion point, especially as all our sports competitions have been called off, including PA High School Swimming meet on Thursday, March 12, 2020. Plus, the USA Swimming's executive director has asked for a delay for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But, the games have not yet been called off nor delayed.

Check out the by-line of this photo!

Photo from Mark Rauterkus in Philippine Inquirer

Photo from Mark Rauterkus in Philippine Inquirer from Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, a sports venue in Bangkok, Thailand

AP article from Bangkok that used Photo, part 1


part 2 of article of screen grab

part 2


Of course, that night is a fun memory, as was the entire trip. See buttons for the links to more photos.

Our group in the stands at the boxing venue

We went to the stadium with our Pittsburgh friend, James, and our traveling companions who were Pitt grad students.

Boxer in his corner

Boxer in the red corner. He stands in a big tray. Notice the spit funnel. Lots of praying occurs before, during and after the bouts -- all for good reason. And, many of the fighters are of small stature in height and weight -- but not in speed and power.

Sign outside the stadium

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

Family on a tour

Touring some historical sights.

Four figures

If you can name them and give a clue as to personality and significance, tell all in the comments section below. 

Food samples:

Street food

Street food. Name it?

Snack bar

More food, but for an offering.

Street lamp

Shedding a light on things.

Catherine, crushing it at the AAA Conference General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio

Hail To Pitt! 

Catherine Palmer, Ph.D., at AAA meeting in Columbus, Ohio, at the General Assembly

Catherine Palmer, Ph.D., at AAA meeting in Columbus, Ohio, at the General Assembly

Read the message

The text of the address at the general assembly is posted on an audiology blog.

Pitt people at the Pitt social at the AAA Conference

Pitt people at the Pitt social at the AAA Conference

Bonus link: What's for diner?

Have you seen the fun book, Eat Like an Audiologist? Catherine has a bite in that collection.

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